Hi, my name is John and I’m a recovering theoretical physicist. In the recent past I worked as a postdoctoral researcher, doing physics around the world. Currently I’m a Lecturer in Critical Writing at UPenn. This is my personal website for sharing various thoughts in blog posts, and more structured writing in the form of essays and photo essays. Thanks for stopping by!

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While my day job is teaching, I am also a freelance writer, photographer, and data science consultant. For longer form writing samples, see essays on this website or published work linked below, and for shorter see blog posts. Technical writing in the form of physics research papers can be found on my CV. For photography, this website is home to my recent foray into photo essays, or see my portfolios on Flickr and other links below.

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Reach me on your favorite social media (see below) or email me, john.kehayias at protonmail.com

Recent writing

Death by 1,000 Tabs: Confessions of a Tab Hoarder: what can I say, I had a lot of tabs open, but no more (Vice)

The Worst F-Word: my story of facing reality in academia and having to leave it behind (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

My Journey to Finally Ditching Windows for Good: on moving from Windows to Linux and free, open source software (Boiling Steam)

Diversity in Open Source and Gaming: Does it Matter?: lack of diversity and racism are problems everywhere, though often not noticed in open source and gaming (Boiling Steam)

The Valve Index. On Linux. On A Min Spec Machine.: I got a virtual reality headset and now live in the future, though my computer is struggling a bit (Boiling Steam)

My Wandering Mind is my newsletter for even more of my writing (go there to subscribe and tell your friends)

Boiling Steam is a Linux gaming website I write for

Tangent Space an exciting new podcast I’ve started with my friend Brandon Anderson, where we talk science, fiction, and everything in between

Flickr for my latest photographs

Instagram for photos from my travels and daily life.

Twitter …sometimes I tweet

500px also for photographs (though often not up to date with Flickr)

Github has my public programming projects.

CV And if you want the official details, here is my current CV.

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