Hi there.

Yet again (I’ve lost track of how many times) I am rebranding and relaunching my website. I would love to give some assurances (mostly to myself) that it is for good and will continue posting regularly, but I think I finally know enough to not make such promises. I am hopeful, though, mostly because of my current situation.

To put it briefly, since I plan on going into many details in later writings, my time as a theoretical physicist has come to a close. I am no longer working as a researcher in academia, and have decided to go out in the world and work on the many other things I am interested in.

One goal of mine is to write more, and this website will be home to a collection of essays. As I alluded to above, this includes a series as a sort of “postmortem” on my time as a physicist. Another broad topic is photography. This is something I have interested in and snapping away at for many years, and at this point I find myself reflecting more on what it means to me and what I hope to accomplish. This is something I will be exploring, in both words and images.

So that’s my plan right now. Without the distractions of a proper job there are no more excuses…

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